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Compare And Contrast Lions And Tigers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Thoroughly analyze Lions And Tigers - Essay Example The paper talks about that the two lions and tigers happen to be enormous felines that share numerous similitudes and will in general vary in numerous perspectives. Lions will in general be the biggest individuals in the feline family that are found in Asia and Africa. Lions are for the most part yellowish earthy colored in shading with no unconventional highlights on their skin. Lions are bad swimmers (Robinson 46). Lions typically live in families called sentiments of pride, in which both the male and females partake in raising fledglings (Robinson 47). At the point when another lion assumes control over a pride, he executes the fledglings conceived of the past male that drove the pride (Robinson 48). Tigers are large felines generally found in Asia (Robinson 131). Tigers have a striped stow away and are for the most part yellowish earthy colored or white. Tigers are acceptable swimmers. As opposed to lions, the tigers don't live in sentiments of pride however will in general be separated from everyone else, aside from during the mating season (Robinson 131). The minding of the whelps is for the most part kept to the female. Tigers however being regional don't murder the offspring conceived of different tigers while pursuing a female. Lions and tigers both have a place with the feline family. Lions are for the most part found in Asia and Africa while the tigers are bound to Asia as it were. Lions are single shaded while the tigers have a striped stow away. Lions and tigers both happen to be regional. In mating season lions slaughter the fledglings conceived of different guys, while tigers don't do as such. Tigers, in contrast to lions, are acceptable swimmers. Lions and tigers both happen to be individuals from the feline family sharing numerous similitudes and contrasts.

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Film and theatre Essay Example For Students

Film and theater Essay The Shakespearean play, Much Ado About Nothing, is customarily depicted overâ the theater, however there is additionally a film adaptation. In spite of the fact that there are a couple of similitudes between the film and the play, for example the content of the film is for all intents and purposes equivalent to the first play, there are evidently more contrasts between the two versions. Firstly, the play clearly is by all accounts altogether increasingly formal and genuine whileâ the film adaptation is depicted as progressively casual and fun. This might be on the grounds that the movie producer utilizes special visualizations and the engaging activities of the on-screen characters while the play can just portray and communicate everything methods for discourse. Another unobtrusive contrast is that in film, the articulations and activities of the on-screen characters playâ a huge part in a parody like Much Ado About Nothing. It isnt simply the content that makes giggling, yet the way where they are set up and conveyed. In the film, numerous different activities are indicated which are not in the play. Good models are Benedict shenanigans with a lawn seat, which add to the comic nature of the scene. Dogberry who is a jokester in the first play, professing to show up riding a horse, frowning, performing tricks like jogging around on a non-existent horse,â add to the giggling brought by the content which is his consistent utilization of wrong words in his discourse. These are the sorts of things that can't show up on the composed page. The film likewise contains a lot of dramatization, and the tenderness and power come as effectively and normally as humor and don't should be communicated in words. Also the on-screen characters articulations and development help to show their feelings, which in the play must be appear by their utilization of words. For instance in the principal wedding scene where Claudio blames Hero for being a wanton and indecent lady, Heros expressive response and crying summon feelings in the crowd and cause us to identify with her significantly more than when we read the play. The play doesn't state and portray the setting thus doesn't assume a significant job in building up the disposition of the scene. Then again, the film is set in the open country, continually outside in the daylight. The setting in a film is significant in light of the fact that it sets the state of mind. Using the wonderful rose shaded manor, stunning scenery,â it communicates the bliss of the scene to the crowd of the film which can't be communicated in words. Moreover, to keep up the irateness of the film and to keep the crowd attention,â many lines and addresses and even whole scenes must be cut, for example Act I Scene 2 and Act III Scene 4. Another distinction would be the utilization of music and move in the film. Music assists with drawing out the state of mind of the scene. Beatrice swinging joyfully superimposed over Benedick moving in the wellspring with taking off music communicates the bliss they were feeling at that exact instant. Significantly increasingly distinctive is move, which is available in the gathering and toward the end during the wedding, successfully depicts the glad and upbeat sentiment of the scene, which can't be appeared and portrayed in the composed play. Moreover the utilization of outfit in the film assists with separating great from evil. For occurrence, all the women are in white while the refined man in grayish and earth tones strengthen the rustic and blameless translation of the play. Wear Johns dressing then again is dull, which depicts evil. In end, the primary contrast of film and theater is that on the grounds that the film is broad media carries another measurement to the story line and causes one better comprehend the plot using music, acting and setting. Theater then again just can bring this out through methods for discourse making it less engaging and harder to comprehend.

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Laurie Burns Studying Triple-GEM foils

Laurie Burns Studying Triple-GEM foils In 1997, Fabio Sauli invented the Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) at CERN, the worlds largest particle accelerator. A triple-GEM consists of thin layer of insulating material called Kapton sandwiched between two sheets of copper, making a grand total of three layers (the triple comes from the three separate GEM foils that are stacked to make the final detector.) The composite sheet is then patterned with an array of 600,000 tiny holes (about 70 um in diameter) using a chemical etching process The sheet can be used to detect particles by amplifying ionization patterns by up to ten times. Researchers at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center in the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS) at MIT have developed a prototype detector. Under the guidance of Professor Bernd Surrow and a postdoc, senior Laurie Burns is testing and comparing two types of GEM foils that may be used in future models. GEMs are able to detect particles using well-known physical principles. When a voltage is applied to the foils, a voltage difference appears because the Kapton is an insulator and does not let current pass. This voltage difference creates an electric field, so if a few electrons were to come near the foil, the charge on the surface would be amplified below. It may be easier to think of the GEM as a sort of microscope for charges, where each foil acts as a lens. Once the microscope is hooked up to all the appropriate auxiliary equipment such as an oscilloscope, it can detect, for example, whether a particle is an electron or a positron based on which direction the particle turns in a magnetic field. Most GEMs currently use foils that were created by the CERN Surface Treatment Service. Since CERN is a research facility and not a foil producing business, MITs BatesCenter has begun fabricating its own foils. This is a very delicate process, as a piece of copper stuck in only one of the 600,000 holes can cause the foil to fail. Laurie began her UROP last spring and continued through the summer, where she mostly worked on using scanning software to examine the foils from CERN and Bates. As part of her senior thesis project, she will eventually conduct a comparative study between the two foils by making two model detectors to assess each foils properties such as its gain and lifetime. Once the findings of her study are complete, the LNS hopes to develop a triple-GEM that has a surface area nine times larger than the detector currently in use. Lauries research on triple-GEMs has a lot of fascinating applications. The application that I found most impressive was the ability to detect cosmic rays muons. In general, the GEM is better than other detectors because it is safer to use and produces more gain (ratio of signal output to input). As a physics (course 8) major, Laurie emphasizes that most physics students have the opportunity to conduct experiments in their junior year in the junior lab class. Through the class, students perform eight experiments that provide exposure to various aspects of experimental physics. She says that, in general, physics majors get their first UROPs in their junior year because a lot of background knowledge is necessary to complete meaningful research. Laurie also discussed some research being done by her fellow physics majors. They include studying: Lasers to figure stuff out about gravity (LIGO) Computer processes involving physics at the Lincoln Labs Computer simulations in a joint project with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center A two-dimensional harmonic oscillator and finding the solutions to it Quantum physics String theory Time travel charge parody (to find out more about this, take Special Relativity (8.20) to find out how to travel into the future!) Astrophysics Lasers (pulsing, optical physics) Originally from Massachusetts, Laurie says that her high school physics teacher is one the reasons she decided to be course 8. In her free time, she likes to play the violin and in the past she was in the MIT Chamber Orchestra. She also likes playing intramural sports like ice hockey and is very involved with her sorority. Laurie is currently in the process of applying to graduate schools in applied physics departments and hopes to research optics in the future. She also has a minor in French and is thinking about putting some of her language skills to use while conducting research at CERN.

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The Black Panther Party A Decade Like The Sixties

Batoul Labban Professor Logan ENWR105_CAFA15 15 November 2015 The Black Panther Party Out of all the decades, there has never been a decade like the sixties. The sixties was filled with diversity, hope, problems, anger and even solutions. A lot of different life changing events and organizations were taken place in the sixties. One major organization that took place in the sixties was The Black Panther Party. The major goal for this organization was to protect the African Americans and provide them with equal rights and opportunities. The Black Panthers used violence to get what they want. When The Black Panthers Party was formed there was a lot going on at the time. The creation of The Black Panthers was the result of the Civil Rights†¦show more content†¦The Black Panthers were an African American rebellious party that was founded in Oakland, California in the year of 1966. Huey Percy Newton and Bobby Seale were two organizers of the Panthers. Newton â€Å"saw himself as a revolutionary in his opposition to oppression and discrimin ation.† (Blake 248) Both Newton and Seale were in prison around the time that they created The Black Panthers. They sensed that violence was the only choice they had to get what they want. The Panthers usually set guards in the black communities to look out for police brutality and protected the people living there. The larger culture that the Black Panthers stood against is that of political and social domination. The Black Panthers wanted equal rights and opportunities. â€Å"Working class people of all colors must unite against the exploitative, oppressive ruling class. Let me emphasize again — we believe our fight is a class struggle, not a race struggle.† stated Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale felt like the issue was not about the race but more about the level they were at, at that time. Many people had many different ideas about the Black Panthers. Some pictured them as violent hate groups while others thought they were defending themselves and their rights. This all has do with how the organization acted towards society and how they were portrayed in the media or newspaper. The media saw the Panthers as the violent group who used violence against everyone. The Black Panthers had their own newspaper

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Analysis Of The Movie Transamerica - 875 Words

Description: The movie Transamerica is about a man named Stanley who is in the process of trying to finalize his transition into a women. With the surgery finally only a week away, Sabrina aka Bree gets a call finding out that she had fathered a son with a woman from college. Now knowing about the son, her therapist insists that Bree go and reconnect with him before she goes on with this final transition. Bree reluctantly travels to New York to meet her son Toby who turns out to be a delinquent trying to move to California so that he can better his life by becoming a porn star. Bree agrees to then help Toby out by letting him tag along on her drive back to Los Angeles. During the drive to L.A. both Bree and Toby overcome a lot of obstacles that help bring them together to form a closer relationship. Towards the end of the movie Toby and Bree end up at her parents’ house where Toby soon learns the Bree is his birth father Stanley. When Toby finds out he runs away and continues his journey to L.A. by himself as does Bree. When Toby gets to L.A. he ends up starring in a pornographic movie like he wanted. As for Bree she goes home and goes through the final surgery to become a women. The final scene of this movie is of Toby going to visit Bree after he comes to terms with that fact that she is his father. (Tucker, Transamerica) Underlying Message about Sexuality: In Transamerica, directed by Duncan Tucker, the underlying message is all about acceptance and getting approvalShow MoreRelatedEssay on The First Gay Movie: Transamerica directed by Duncan Tucker2331 Words   |  10 PagesThe first gay movie I watched was â€Å"Transamerica† directed by Duncan Tucker. While reading its review, I was impressed and fascinated by one sentence â€Å"Bree is one in which many will identify with in needing to become the person you really should be† (Irapoport, 2005). After this movie, I started searching for other gay movies and continued to watch gay movies until today. I am the kind of person who enjoys movies; however, this does not apply to all genres. Interestingly, despite being a girl whoRead MoreThe Influence Of Age, Religion, And Intergroup Contact6284 Words   |  26 PagesIntergroup contact can increase tolerance and empathy while decreasing stereotypes, prejudice, and conflict. This can be used to explain the increase in acceptance of same-sex marriage among generational groups and religions. G.G. Lewis? (2011) meta-analysis of 27 nationally representative survey results revealed that respondents who knew someone gay, lesbian, or bisexual were more likely to support gay rights, a trend identified in every demographic, religious, and political group (Lewis 2011). DimockRead MoreGEs Corporate Strategy8780 Words   |  36 Pagesthe deal are harder for GE to justify. The media business is far more competitive than other industries in which GE can use its financial heft and strong brand name to squash the competition. GE executives have said they had no interest in owning a movie studio, with its unpredictable earnings and difficult personalities.†7 NBC Universal was divested in 2012, and Immelt said, â€Å"When we looked at NBC, we made the transition from network to cable and the next transition was Internet and I didn’t wantRead MoreCapital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (a)31612 Words   |  127 PagesCases, Fifth Edition Cases EXHIBIT 1 | Major Employee Relocation Services Companies Parent Organization Merrill Lynch Peterson, Howell, Heather Equitable Life Insurance Chicago Title and Trust Control Data Corporation Sears/Coldwell Banker Transamerica, Inc. 5,000 5,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 13,000 12,000 $975,000,000 900,000,000 375,000,000 375,000,000 225,000,000 225,000,000 225,000,000 Estimated 1978 Home Purchases Estimated Value of Home Purchases* Estimated Gross Fee Income†  $26,800,000 24,750Read MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagesor Tide or Heinz. However, it will always be an important, measurable brand characteristic. Perceived quality will directly influence purchase decisions and brand loyalty, especially when a buyer is not motivated or able to conduct a detailed analysis. It can also support a premium price, which, in turn can create gross margin that can be reinvested in brand equity. Further, perceived quality can be the basis for a brand extension. If a brand is well-regarded in one context, the assumption will

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Skills Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers Free Essays

Personal characteristics of a human services professional can be both essential and detrimental for success. Essential characteristics of a professional do not make the job easier. However, they create a higher tendency for the professional to work successfully with clients. We will write a custom essay sample on Skills Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers or any similar topic only for you Order Now An open-minded professional recognizes differences between themselves and clients. They treat those differences with respect and include them in treatment according to the clients’ desires. Judgment can be appropriate in a human services setting. For example, a counselor may judge a recently relapsed client by revoking privileges within a clinic. Patience is the most essential characteristic. A professional must be able to deal with relapses in negative behavior. They cannot let human weakness impede progress. Professionals who choose the human services field in order to help people make genuine progress with clients. They maintain connections that benefit both parties. Detrimental characteristics of a professional do not make the job impossible. However, they can impede a professional’s relationship with their client when unchecked. A narrow-minded professional does not recognize differences between themselves and clients. They assume that differences result from a harmful lifestyle on the clients’ behalf. Judgment becomes inappropriate when it results in ill-informed assessments of the client. For example, judging a mother as incompetent without a full assessment is inappropriate. Impatience from professional to client can cause the professional to rush the clients’ progress. Internalized impatience within the professional can cause a lot of mistakes. Professionals who choose the human services field mainly for money make artificial progress with clients. The quality of their work is usually lacking. On the one hand, understanding both types of characteristics can provide a platform for change. On the other hand, that understanding merely provides a distinction for self-limitations. Aspiring professionals need to have or develop specific skills prior to employment in the human services field. Organizational skills are key to updated client information as well as clients themselves. A personal system – however ordered or disordered – must be easy for the aspiring professional to access and peruse. They must be able to find information as soon as they need it for whatever reason. Communication skills are key to creating connections with clients. Active listening includes physically and verbally showing the client that their message is being received. An aspiring professional must be prepared to create a report with their clients. Their ability to communicate effects the process of their relationship. Professional writing is key to documenting communication with and progress of the client. The aspiring professional must be prepared to use this skill daily. Moreover, other professionals may need to understand the writing. So if the aspiring professional uses shorthand, they must be prepared to provide a legend. Basic recognition of symptoms is key to referring clients to other professionals. For example, a nurse who encounters a patient who seems to need a referral to the behavioral health unit. When questioned, he or she must be able to provide specific rather than vague reasons. Safety training is key to effectively responding to emergency situations. Basic firefighting and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) abilities are essential to potential to saving the lives of one’s self, clients, and fellow professionals. Overall, an aspiring professional must understand how to preserve life until more qualified professionals arrive. These specific skills will not only help professionals develop effective, positive relationships with their clients. They will also help professionals overcome personal roadblocks to successfully carrying out their work. Skills become more effective as they develop. Even an aspiring professional who naturally has these skills can only benefit from continually developing them even after entering the human services field. Primary and secondary education (K-12) teach students organization skills and practices. Aspiring professionals can use these techniques as foundation for adult application. They can take the basic and develop them according to their individual needs. An institution of higher education (i. e. college or university) provides students with in-depth lessons for communication and professional writing skills. They help students work effectively and successfully within a professional setting of various sorts. Many employers in the human services field expect aspiring professionals to have a basic recognition of symptoms as well as safety training. Therefore, many provide continuous training for employees after they have obtained employment. Consistent development of these skills ensures the relevance and ease of their application. It also ensures that the professional will easily recall the lessons when needed. Learning is fundamental, but practice is vital. Actually putting learned lessons to use when applicable ensures ease of use by the professional with continued practice. Constructive criticism measures the effectiveness of practice from an outside point of view. It informs the professional of how their practices are perceived by others. Application of feedback combines learning, practice, and constructive criticism. This assemblage is important to the formation of a successful human services worker with their given field. As long as skills are continually developed within accredited settings, then the specific location of development does not matter. That the skills are developed is most important. Yet, while some aspiring professionals have some difficulty developing these skills, others will have an easier time. They are â€Å"natural born helpers†. â€Å"Natural born helpers† (NBH) exist. An NBH is someone with a set of traits that easily lend themselves toward helping others in the human services field. On the one hand, these traits will develop naturally mentally, psychologically, and emotionally as the individual matures into an adult. On the other hand, the environments in which the individual matures can be conducive in the advancement of these traits. An NBH tends to be somewhat sociable. They can be outgoing and conversational when necessary. Active listening is a skill that an NBH naturally has a tendency toward from birth. An NBH usually develops the ability of understanding in their environment because they naturally tend toward it. An NBH is born with the ability to be resourceful then naturally develops it as they mature. An NBH tends to either be aloof or overly-friendly in response to being overloaded with human service-like needs (i. e. counseling). Drama tends to naturally gravitate toward an NBH because their need to help is apparent. The tendency toward helping many people concurrently leaves an NBH with little time for themselves. As a result, an NBH usually has a reputation as being meddlesome. An NBH needs to find a healthy balance between being aloof and friendly with clients. An NBH must learn early on how to tell whether or not they can help someone. Delegating time between self and others is crucial for an NBH in order to maintain healthiness. Finally, the desire to help should never challenge a person’s desire to be left alone. Some people are born with attributes that either make it easier to work as human services professionals or that drive them toward the human services field. How to cite Skills Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers, Papers

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Pandita Ramabai free essay sample

She wrote many books including her widely popular work titled The High Caste Hindu Woman, which showed the darkest part of subject matter relating to the life of Hindu women, including child brides, child widows and the treatment they receive by the government and society. She had a strong view of what should be accomplished so women would be able to have more freedom, including protection of widowed women and child brides, as many of them were made destitute by their in-laws. Early Life Ramabai was born into an intellectual Hindu Chitpavan Brahmin family at Karnataka (Karkala Taluk, Mangalore District). Her father, Anant Shastri Dongre, who stayed at a place in Western Ghats, called Gangamoola, (Mala village, Karkala, Karnataka) was a Sanskrit scholar and believed that women should have education. Against the prevailing traditional Hindu social structure, he taught Puranas and Sanskrit shloks to Ramabai as well as his second wife, Ramambai’s mother Laxmibai and how to read and write Sanskrit as well as how to interpret Vedic texts. We will write a custom essay sample on Pandita Ramabai or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She was raised by her father. Her father faced hardships as he was against the tradition and he advocated education to girl children. He proved in front of Hindu scholars at Soday, (Karnataka) that teaching ladies with Sanskrit was not banned in any Shastra or purana. [1] Her father, mother and sister died during 1874–76, and her brother and she traveled all over India and eventually ended up in Calcutta. Their travel included 2,000 miles by foot! [2] Ramabais Sanskrit knowledge bewildered the educated people of Kolkata and she was awarded with Pandita title by Calcutta University. She was also awarded with Sarasvathi title in recognition of her ability to interpret various Sanskrit volumes. After her brothers death in 1880, even though it was considered inappropriate for a Hindu to marry into a lower caste, she married, on 13 November 1880, Babu Bipin Behari Medhavi, a Bengali lawyer at Bankipore, who was not a Brahmin (a Shudra). Six months after the birth of their daughter Manorama, Babu died in 1882, and Pandita was once again left with just one family member, her daughter, Ramabai received a scholarship to study in England. During her time in England, she converted to Christianity because of monetary requirements; she was given money to get converted to Christianity. But did not ever lose sight of her goals. She clung to her roots and when she returned to India she started destitute homes and Christian Churches which had Sanskrit writing instead of traditional Latin which was used in England. Ramabai attempted to combine her new Christian ideals with her old Indian Culture and used this mix to promote change in India. Being raised as in the Brahman caste made her uniquely able to bring both men and women to Christianity due to that caste’s image as social leaders in India. She also went to America and travelled widely there for three years and gave lectures about the plight of women and child widows in India. Ramabai Foundation was formed at America to collect funds for the future projects of Pandita Ramabai in India and more than $30,000 was collected. More than 10,000 copies of her book High Caste Hindu Women was sold in America, the funds of which were used give shelter to destitute women of India! She wrote a book about her travels to the United States [She wrote about her American experience in a book titled United States Chi Lokasthiti Ani Pravasvrutta (Status of Society of United States and a travelogue)] and it has recently been published in translation as Pandita Ramabais American Encounter. The book is a travelers account of the people and culture of the United States. It contains a pointed comparison of the status of women in the U. S. and India, and strongly suggests that India should follow down the path of reform. However, the book is not without its criticisms of American society, particularly its race problem. Social Service In addition to her writing she founded the Arya Mahila Sabha in 1881, in Pune, the very first Indian feminist organization. She studied as well as taught about the issues which surround Indian women especially those involved in the Hindu traditions. She spoke against the practice of child marriage and the terrible constraints on the lives of child widows. Ramabai established the Mukti Mission in 1889, in Pune, as a refuge for young widows who were deserted and abused by their families. She also established Krupa Sadan, a home for destitute women. In Sanskrit and most of Indian Languages, the word MUKTHI means liberation. She was also involved in establishing a Church at Mukthi. The Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission is still active today, providing housing, education, vocational training, and medical services, for many needy groups including widows, orphans, and the blind. She also started SHARDA SADAN which also dealt with providing housing, education, vocational training, and medical services, for many needy groups including widows, orphans, and the blind. Family Life As Pandita Ramabai involved herself in social service, there was little family life for her. Her childhood was full of hardships. She lost her parents early and her husband expired within two years of marriage. She had to educate her only daughter Manorama bai and she did this well. Her daughter Manorama completed BA at Bombay University and went to America for higher studies. She returned to India and worked as Principal of Sharada Sadan, Mumbai. With her help, Pandita Ramabai established Christian High school at Gulbarga (now in Karnataka), a backward district of South India, during 1912 and her daughter was Principal of the school. But, Manoramas untimely death was a shock to Ramabai and eventually, within two years of daughters death, on 5th April, 1922, she took her last breath. Her contribution to Christianity in India is much appreciated. [3] Awards and honors Pandita and Saraswathi at Bengal (before going to England), recognizing her skills in Sanskrit. Kaisar-i-Hind medal for community service in 1919, awarded by British Government. She is honored with a feast day on the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church (USA) on April 5. On 26 October 1989, in recognition of her contribution to the advancement of Indian women, the Government of India issued a commemorative stamp.